The Wanderer

God of the Lost


The Wanderer; The Other Twin: N, CN – They say a pair of twins were born alongside Dolonde. Before the sun and sky came into existence The Twins where there. This twin He had a name once. But after living out thousands upon thousands of years his name started to lose all meaning. Life started to lose all meaning. Morals started to lose all meaning. Now he just wanders waiting and watching for something – anything – to give his exist meaning. His infinite existence. God of the lost. Not often worshipped outright but often called upon in prayer, though followers tend to be nomads, wandering place to place searching for meaning.


The Wanderer has shown himself to people twice, and just recently. Once to the people of Haley to warn them of the Fire Invasion. And again to Fineli in the jail of Seven Pillars

The Wanderer

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