Height: 9’5’’
weight: 396 Lbs
Description: Huge and daunting, Dark skin, blue eyes, under bite causes two pointed teeth to jut up over his upper lip. He has many scars, the most prominent being one on his face given to him by the goddess known as the chained.

Intelligence: 9 (0)
Strength: 16 (
Dexterity: 13 (1)
Constitution: 16 (
Charisma: 17 (2)
Wisdom: 9 (

Ogre: When you are mobbed by smaller enemies, you have +1 armor.

Damage D10
Hp 26/26
Armor 3


_Throck was a slave in the town of Ulstow fighting in the pits, he still has many friends in the pits who couldn’t escape with him. He became the Champion and won his freedom from slavery, Earning fame eternal in the pits. He left with his claimed weapons and took off on the road hoping to leave a life of violence behind, but old habits die hard, and the world expects only a couple of things from Ogres. One of those things is killing, so Throck found work as a body guard and hired muscle, moving from town to town. He found himself under the employ of a transport company when he met Narg and Fineli. And later the Dwarven Initiate Bruce and, Zashul Speaker for the dead. Will these new Friends help Throck find his Place in the world?


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