The Chained

God of the Abyss. Mortal name is Annika.


Long Black Hair. Usually seen in a sleek black dress. Is really the God called The Chained. Not much is known about her, yet.


The Cursed; The Chained; The Bad Twin: CE, CN – PAIN -The Cursed was born with her twin brother during the creation of Dolonde. While living an infinite number of lives set her twin brother into an existential crisis, it sent The Cursed into a fit of rage and rebellion. It is said she will do anything to end her existence even if it means taking other people down with her. Goddess of Revenge, bad luck, and hate. Followers are usually brought into her folds via quests for vengeance or in a search for power.

The party first ran into this God while trying to help stop The Drow Invasion. She was married to Black Luca, and had a child with him, Horatio. Her child was born during the invasion itself.

After the invasion she watched as Throck slew her husband. She stabbed the Gladiator in the face and retreated into the main pilled of Seven Pillars. There she was seen bowing before Jorg.

The next time she was seen she was going to be married to Jorg. The party met up with the two out side of Seven Pillars. They traveled together until they ran into Glim and Jago at the heart of the Fire Invasion. Here is where it was revealed that she was more than she seemed. The chained disabled the party and kidnapped Glim, and eventually Horatio. She also stole the Apocrypha Blade.

The party returned to Seven Pillars when they heard that Horatio and Glim had returned. It turns out that they escaped The Chained when she was busy trying to break a giant Chain Link with the Apocrypha Blade.

The Chained

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