Narg The Foe Cleaver and Gem Jiggler

Retired Barbarian


Elf. Loves fighting, women, eating, and booze. Wielded a giant two-handed sword and a bastard sword. Had a fondness for elaborate cod pieces.


Arrived with Fineli and Throck into Seven Pillars after being attacked by Drow on the surface. During the fight with the Dark Elves he accidentely started a massive forest fire. That forest fire was the spark that started the Fire Invasion.

Found in the fighting pits in the Black District alongside Throck. They won but the Drow attacked killing all the spectators. Only the two heroes survived the attack unscathed. One human combatant named John Tanners made it out alive but missing an arm thanks to Throck.

Made it into the Drow City after saving an Earth Dragon. The dragon granted each member of the party a wish. Narg asked for riches and was rewarded justly.

After defeating the Drow and saving Seven Pillars Narg had a existential crisis. He retired from adventuring for an indeterminate amount of time. Now, Narg runs the fighting pits in Seven Pillars and is very happy.

Narg The Foe Cleaver and Gem Jiggler

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