Bruce Darkbane

Drunken Boxing Dwarf


Bruce is very muscular for a Dwarf. Being a minimalist he only wears robes patched together from rags. He is bald with sharp blue eyes and a trimmed blue beard. He was an orphan that was adopted by the great martial arts master Zirak. Zirak was well versed in the style of Savate and started teaching Bruce from a young age. Not having known much other than martial arts Bruce learned fast and by the age of 20 he was able to be a match for Zirak. Zirak made Bruce an Initiate in a small group of Dwarven Savate trained members seeking to destroy anything related to The Chained One and bring any peace they can to the world. Bruce had to undergo 5 years of strict training where he was cut off from the world and he surpassed all of the other Initiates in skill and learned how to focus air pressure to hit his foes from a distance. During his last year the only person that could spar with him was his master and one day trying to teach Zirak this technique he accidently hit him in the chest with one of his volleys which cause Zirak’s heart to stop. Bruce was destroyed and started drinking to escape his pain. From that point on he would only spar drunk and noticed that when intoxicated it was harder for him to be hit. This brought him some peace knowing that even in death Zirak was still teaching him. At the end of his training Bruce left vowing never to come back and promising he would do everything he could to bring peace to the world and destroy anything related to The Chained One. His only possession that he will not let leave his side is his masters lucky ornate tankard which he always keeps full with Dwarven Moonshine.


Bruce Darkbane

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