Black Luca

Former Holder Seven Pillars. Deceased.


Giant of a man. With long black hair and scares on most of his body. Fought with a giant two-handed sword. Married to Annika. Father to Horatio. Last Holder of Seven Pillars before Jorg. Brother of Quintus the Blade.


Black Luca was Holder to Seven Pillars for two months. He had married Annika, then fathered his only child, Horatio. The Drow Invasion happened shortly after our Heroes appeared in Seven Pillars. Black Luca cleaved Drow by the score while taking back the city. Eventually Black Luca, Jorg, and our Heroes gained control over the city. Black Luca was going to make a speech but was interupted by Fineli. Fineli addressed the mob, and incited them into a rage. They turned on their former leader, Black Luca. Luca stood infront of his wife and child cleaving down anyone who came near. He was knocked to the ground and finished off by Throck.

A month later the spirit of Luca was seen in the Broken District of Seven Pillars. Our Heroes were attacked by the Spirit of Luca in the form of a Flesh Golem. The party was able to overcome the Golem and Luca’s Spirit retreated for the moment. Eventually, Zhasul had to speak to Luca’s angry Spirit to find information on the Apocrypha Blade. They were told the Blade was in the crypts. The party went to the crypts and retrieved the blade. This broke the seal on the crypts and released a horde of undead into the city. One of those undead was Luca’s spirit returned to his body. Finally, Black Luca fell to the Apocrypha Blade which broke his connection to the Material Plane.

Black Luca

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