Throck into the Mouth of Iron or How the Slave City Lost its Teeth.

Our heroes woke up on the Ember Float missing a friend. Fineli was gone but he left a note for his dear friends. A note stating that he wished to find The Wanderer and learn more of his ways. Along with the note he left them 40 gold. The two remaining adventures left for the bar, to drink in Fineli’s name, and good health.

When Throck and Zhasul Cervoro were drinking at the local in, The Left Foot, a bald homeless looking dwarf approached them. His name was Bruce. Bruce had over heard them talking about The Chained. After buying the group a few beers, they agreed to journey with Bruce.

As they entered the docks of the Ember Float the party saw a disturbing sight. Hundreds of displaced refugees unloading off of various boats onto the Float. The refugees were coming from the Emerald Coast, running from the 1st Egalian Legion. With out a moments hesitation Bruce offered to lend a hand to the refugees.

After helping the refugees off the ship they were offered a ride to Ulstow by Fatty Fiaz. While on the journey Zhasul learned the ways of the druid from an old ancestor, and Throck added Fatty to his list of connections for the Ebon Cloak.

Under the guise of sailors our heroes suck into Ulstow the slave city. With Throck in the lead they made their way down dark alleys and shady streets, doing their best to avoid any of the city watch, they made their way to the city gates. Bruce was not used to their secretive nature and waved greetings to anyone they passed. Zhasul was not in such good spirits, literally. He was distraught at all the spiritual unrest in Ulstow. Eventually, they were stopped by the city guards. In the ensuing confrontation the party managed to discover the city is on lock down and Numb-Fang, Thock’s old rival, was in charge. They dispatched two of the guards but the third guard managed to pull his horn from his belt and signal for help.

Dashing down city streets they ran from the guards. Throck came to an intersection: left to head back to the slave pits or right to head through the busiest market district. He chose right, and off they party went. Throck towered over the crowd as he charged his way through. Knocking down anyone who got in his way it didnt matter if it was women or children. Right behind Throck ran Bruce. With a torrent of apologies he passed over all of Throck’s victims barely touching the ground at all. Staggering far behind Zhasul was having trouble. The spiritual energy of the city was taking its toll on him, and he was lost in this world and the next. Noticing this, Throck turned around and grabbed Zhasul around the waist, hoisting him under his arm, and ran to the nearest alley.

They finally lost the guardsmen in the chaos. The party made their way to an old favorite hang out of Throck’s. The open air bar was packed full with somber pit fighters and slaves. The group decided that their only way out was to challenge Numb-Fang to a one on one fight.

Throck met Numb-Fang in the Council of Three’s head quarters. There accepted Throck’s challenge, but not before explaining to Throck the situation with the Egalian Legion. Numb-Fang actually seemed to care about the city and would do anything to save it, even though it was a morally terrible place. He even enlisted the help of the Chained. Throck refused to help Numb-Fang defend the city based on the fact he was in league with The Chained.

The met in the arena. The crowd cheered as the two combatants attempted to slaughter each other. It was an even fight for a bit but Throck eventually got the upper hand. With Numb-Fang down on one knee, undefended Throck tried to spare his life. Numb-Fang used Throck’s compassion against him, and lunged, biting Throck in the neck. Throck raged, and slammed Numb-Fang into the wall crushing his spine, but the neck bite was fatal and soon Throck fell.

Together, the fighters met Death at the Black Gates. He gave Throck an option: Stay with Death at his side, or return back to life. He chose life and turned to leave the Black Gates. A portal then opened up and The Chained appeared. She grabbed the spirit of Numb-Fang before anyone could react, even Death. They were gone.

Throck opened his eyes to a cheering arena. He had won. They went and celebrated their victory. Throck had won their escape from the Slave city of Ulstow.

Story So Far
The Beginning

Throck, Fineli, and Narg The Foe Cleaver and Gem Jiggler were attacked by Drow. During the fight a forest fire was started. Soon after, the Drow were defeated.

Our Heroes made their way to Seven Pillars. Meeting up with the leader of the Black District, Jorg, the party joined in the pit fights(Fineli watched and placed some smart bets). During the fighting John Tanners was gravely injured losing an arm. The Drow attacked slaughtering all the audience.

Deciding to put an end to the Drow our party traveled into the cave system below Seven Pillars to capture a Dark Elf alive. They succeeded and learned that an invasion was being planned.

As the party went to inform Black Luca, the current Holder of the invasion an Earth Dragon attacked. The dragon knocked out the lava river that runs through Seven Pillars setting a figurative countdown to when the Drow would attack.

The party followed the dragon and saved it! The dragon granted each Hero a wish. When the party returned they found Seven Pillars under attack by the Drow. The heroes stopped the invasion. As Luca was going to address the people of The Seven, Fineli whipped the mob into a frenzy and set them onto Luca. Black Luca killed civilains by the handful as they charged into him and his wife. Eventually, Throck landed a mortal blow on Luca. During this time, Jorg made his way into the Throne Room securing it for himself. Narg The Foe Cleaver and Gem Jiggler had an existential crisis about Foe Cleaing and Gem Jiggling and decided to retire.

A month later…
Jorg has won over the people. Seven Pillars has split into two factions: The Loyalists and The Sympathizers. Zhasul Cervoro has made his way into The Seven on behalf of his Ancestors. He meets up with the Throck and Fineli and talks them into helping him put some spirits to rest.

As they travel in the Broken District they come across Black Luca‘s vengeful spirit. After defeating it they visit the Black District to ask for aid from Ragek to help get a hold of Annika. They are required to the Apocrypha Blade from the crypts under Seven Pillars. They get the dagger but not before releasing a horde of undead into The Seven, and defeating Luca’s Angry Spirit for the final time.

The party decide to help put an end to the Fire Invasion that is raging outside The Seven. With the help of Jorg and Annika they march East. They come across a wizard and a spirit trying to bring the spirit back to life. A fight ensues and Annika reveals herself to be The Chained. She kidnaps a wizard and disappears.

When they return to seven pillars they find that Horatio was taken by The Chained. So the party decides to head east again to Fort Marta to find the child’s uncle Quintus The Blade. Fineli attacks a magic hat with his sword causing an explosion that almost wipes the party out. Throck gets captured in Fort Marta by the Grey Blade. Zhasul Cervoro, Quintus The Blade, and Fineli save him. They leave Fort Marta with Quintus The Blade in tow, along with a book given to them by Emal, and the entire Mercenary army lead by Balduf Kathlain.

When the party returns to The Seven they find that the Wizard has returned along with Horatio. But something is different about the baby, something dark. The party gets a clue that The Chained has headed to Dwarven land and so the party travels south. During their journey they encounter Virulent Hounds. Zhasul Cervoro dies in the fight, but escapes the Black Gates and returns to the Material Plane. All party members are left with permanent black marks left by the hounds.

They reach the city of Haley. Throck adds another member to his criminal group. Zhasul Cervoro helps some spirits and the party heads off to the Ember Float.

At the float they learn of The Wanderer some more. They also learn the black marks left on them by the Virulent Hounds may be contagious and have been quarantined on the main ship in the Float.


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